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John, English physicist, 1820-1893.
Tyndall effect - Synonym(s): Tyndall phenomenon
Tyndall light - light that is reflected by gas- or liquid-suspended particles.
Tyndall phenomenon - the visibility of floating particles in gases or liquids when illuminated by a ray of sunlight and viewed at right angles to the illuminating ray. Synonym(s): Tyndall effect
tyndallization - exposure to a temperature of 100°C (flowing steam) for a definite period, usually an hour, on each of several days. Synonym(s): fractional sterilization
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THE British National Party was formed by John Tyndall, co-founder of the racist National Front movement, in 1982.
Most astonishingly it reveals how former Tory minister Alan Clark regularly dined with the then BNP party chairman, John Tyndall.
4) These associations were particularly perturbing to scientific members of the intellectual elite like Thomas Henry Huxley and John Tyndall.
He became editor of Spearhead, then the BNP's magazine, from 1996 until his split from John Tyndall, the former BNP leader, at the end of 1999.
Scientists have known about the greenhouse effect since the 1870s, when it was quantified in experiments by British physicist John Tyndall.
Eatwell's indifference to such contradictions may help explain why he insists that Colonel de La Rocque, the leader of the largest and fastest-growing movement on the French right between 1936 and 1938--the Croix de Feu/ Parti Social Francais--was not fascist but that British leaders like Oswald Mosley and John Tyndall who, like La Rocque, "turned to the potential of the ballot box to establish a government based on a corporate state and guided by strong leadership" were fascist (336).
1) A consideration of Ruskin's annotations in them provides some additional material for the gradually emerging account of the details, nature, and scope of Ruskin's argument both with John Tyndall himself (1820-93) and with what Ruskin perceived to be some of the dominant tendencies of modern science generally, imagined in this case as represented by Tyndall.
Creasey, Life and Work of John Tyndall (London, 1945), 286-7.
In 1863 the Irish physicist John Tyndall (1820-1893) pointed out that such gases as carbon dioxide and water vapor are transparent to the visible light that reaches Earth's surface from the Sun, but rather opaque to the infrared radiations that the Earth gives off to space when it cools down at night.
Co-Founder John Bowers to Receive John Tyndall Award
Its founder, former NF chairman John Tyndall, wanted to give the movement a "respectable" face to lever it into mainstream politics.
One of the things I'll never forget was being at a meeting with John Tyndall, the founder of the BNP and listening to him ranting - a racist, anti-semitic attack on Asians, blacks and Jews.