Dalrymple, John

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John, English oculist, 1804-1852.
Dalrymple disease
Dalrymple sign - retraction of the upper eyelid in Graves disease, causing abnormal wideness of the palpebral fissure.
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John Dalrymple, the 14th Earl of Stair, last spoke in the Lords in October 2011 on a debate in aviation when he revealed he is the owner of a small airfield.
Clan chief Alastair Macdonald missed the deadline by five days, which was welcomed by some including Sir John Dalrymple, Secretary of State for Scotland, as an excuse to send troops to Glencoe under the command of Captain Robert Campbell of Glen Lyon, who had a grudge against the Macdonalds.
BRITISH Gas has appointed a new regional service manager for the North-east - John Dalrymple.
In his letter to Grenville of 20 October 1806, Sir John Dalrymple recalled how he had been led to propose to Lord North's administration in 1779 the project of complementary expeditions against the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the Spanish Empire:
The victims and their families already have paid a terrible price," said John Dalrymple, IRS Commissioner of Wage and Investment.
It was reportedly the card used by Sir John Dalrymple, the Earl of Stair, to cryptically authorise the Glencoe Massacre.