Dalrymple, John

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John, English oculist, 1804-1852.
Dalrymple disease
Dalrymple sign - retraction of the upper eyelid in Graves disease, causing abnormal wideness of the palpebral fissure.
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The Gazetteer declared on 16 June 1790: "If the dispute with Spain should terminate in a war, the nation will profit from the valuable information given by Sir John Dalrymple in the Appendix to his Memoirs".
In October 1806, having received news of the capture of Buenos Aires by Popham and Beresford, Grenville sought the advice of Sir John Dalrymple regarding his plan for complementary assaults from the East and the West on Spanish America, and subsequently passed on Dalrymple's plans to General Sir Arthur Wellesley for evaluation and development.
9) Sir John Dalrymple to Lord Grenville, 20 October 1806, Huntington Library (San Marino, Calif.
Campbell scrubbed MacDonald's name off the certificate and passed it to the Scottish Secretary, Sir John Dalrymple, the Master of Stair.
1695: Government inquiry places most of the blame on Sir John Dalrymple.
Para obtener el EITC, hay que presentar una declaracion de impuestos", senala John Dalrymple, Director Ejecutivo de Operaciones del IRS.
But Alistair says he was merely following the orders of the Scottish secretary of state at the time, Sir John Dalrymple.