Joe Camel

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A cartoon character/mascot for Camel cigarettes, who was integral to R.J. Reynolds’ advertising campaign for the brand from 1987 until 1997.
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For instance, Joe Camel was a cartoon character marketing cigarettes as cool to adolescents.
At a hearing, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation debated whether flavors such as Cherry Crush draw in youth similar to the way Joe Camel did decades ago.
Cool'' boasting the benefits of its e-cigarette -- evoking the days of Joe Camel.
Reynolds Tobacco , the company is known for its strategic advertising as the brand rose to prominence in the late 80s and early 90s by using its Joe Camel cartoon character as a means to make smoking more attractive to kids.
And in the 1990s, the medical community fought to oust the cartoon character Joe Camel from cigarette advertisements, because it appeared to target children.
In 1997, Camel Cigarettes had to ditch their Joe Camel cartoon after research showed as many six-yearolds recognised him as did the Disney Channel logo.
How about stitching Joe Camel or Captain Morgan patches on the kids' jerseys?
Telling them "smoking is dangerous" or "smoking is only for grown-ups" is tantamount to inviting Joe Camel to the kid's birthday party.
I pretty much think it's the shit because it's got Joe Camel on it and it's yellow.
And raunchy, as suggested by such early song titles as "James Bondage," "Rachbottomoff," "Touch My Joe Camel," "Curvature," "Crabby Day, "Fem in a Black Leather Jacket" and "Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure.
Uno de los mas famosos, de 22 metros de altura, colgaba de un edificio en Times Square, la plaza central de Nueva York, protagonizado por Joe Camel (personaje simbolico de los cigarrillos de esa marca), que lanzaba largas bocanadas de humo en forma de anillos.
We then discussed the artwork of Ron English, featured in the film Super Size Me, and his use of Joe Camel Kids, McDonald's and Disney characters in his paintings.