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Biblical character in the Old Testament who suffered from skin and bowel disease, from which he recovered.
Job syndrome - Synonym(s): Buckley syndrome
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And all the men of the same rank were pitted against each other; the accounts of each were kept separately, and every man lived in terror of losing his job, if another made a better record than he.
He was a "squeedgie" man; his job was to go about all day with a long-handled mop, swabbing up the floor.
Mary, too, had left, having spoken vaguely of taking a job at housework in Piedmont.
You wouldn't mind my asking if it happened to be a job as you was come about, sir, would you?
She copied it out according, on this table, in a sweet writing, and Plornish, he took it where he worked, having a job just then,' (Plornish repeated job just then,)
That's the Saucy Jane," Job Rowsell indicated, stretching out a forefinger.
Look here," he said, taking his seat at the tiller, "this is my show, Job Rowsell.
I am very sorry to betray my master, sir,' said Job Trotter, applying to his eyes a pink checked pocket-handkerchief about six inches square.
And happy day or not, Job Taylor wasn't long in marrying again, you might notice.
We'll do that 'dangerous' job after I've spied around a little and think things look well for it.
After a few months, when he is cooled down, if you want to, you can get the job of drivin' delivery-wagon for him.
They were reticent, however, as to the immediate job in hand.