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Brian H., 20th-century British physicist. See: Stiles-Crawford effect.
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Gable had been married to Ria, a Los Angeles socialite, for four years and 27-year-old Joan Crawford was about to celebrate two years of marriage to the suave Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Just watching those old men shuffling around in Ordet and that son who thinks he's Jesus and the pure melodrama of the plot in Day of Wrath--the son stealing his father's bride away, and people denouncing witches--that stuff is right up there with Joan Crawford.
Channel 4 has scheduled a film called Best Of Everything, starring Joan Crawford, Hope Lange and Stephen Boyd.
The Edge" - Joan Crawford School of Dance, Ocoee, FL
Here callers and litigants run into the kind of tough-talking working-class moms that Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Thelma Ritter used to play.
Desde Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Maria Felix, Marylin Monroe y Brigitte Bardot, por mencionar algunas, hasta la misma Glenn Close de Atraccion fatal y su villana mas actual, Cruella de Vil.
Take Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce, the bored housewife who becomes a successful, sexually "liberated" businesswoman who loses everything when her spoiled, overindulged daughter sleeps with and then kills Pierce's parasitic husband.
Written and directed with blithe indifference toward both political virtue and ordinary reality, Santa Sangre is like a Mexican version of Psycho crossed with a Joan Crawford movie.
Following the success of its best-selling Joan Crawford Collection in 2005, Warner Home Video is proud to honor the ever-popular screen legend with the debut of the Joan Crawford Collection Vol.
The stage play, which opens on Tuesday, June 6, examines what happened when iconic Hollywood movie stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford worked together on the now-famous 1962 psychological drama Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
com/true-story-behind-feud-jessica-langes-new-tv-show-american-horror-story-creator-ryan-2364857) long-standing war between legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.