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The pseudonym of a feral child who spent the first 13 years of her life locked inside a bedroom strapped to a potty chair until she was discovered by authorities. She was a victim of one of the most severe cases of social isolation in American history
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The Jini Lookup service itself is implemented in Java so it can execute on any Java2-compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
Tolliver said: "We intend to use Jini as a fundamental piece of technology for adding new services and value in our disc arrays.
Zipwire challenge: St David's Hospice clinical staff Katie Marsh, Vicky Walters, Ceri Cheeseman, Jini Millington and Pam Owen.
Jini allows anything with a processor, some memory, and a network connection to offer services to other entities on the network or to use the services that are so offered.
Sun's Java programming language, which lets programmers write an application once to run on many systems, is the core of the Jini technology.
Jini technology, invented by Sun Microsystems, helps Valen distribute the computing power needed to build the models across multiple processors and rapidly reduce turnaround time.
Meantime the Java platform is pretty much cooked and the task now is to sell additional Java products to MIS managers while Jini is still some way off.
JINI is the latest in an alphabet soup of acronyms commencing with J which have been spinning out of the Java camp.
HP says that it doesn't regard Sun's Jini technology as a competitor to E-speak, as it is focused on getting devices to talk to each other in a trusted workgroup.
With over 2000 software and hardware objects integrated into one single distributed system environment using the power of Java, Jini and Majitek's new distributed systems framework Maji.
HP said it would be using the standardized protocol within future JetDirect and Web JetAdmin products but would also be working with Novell Inc's NDPS distributed print services, and with Sun Microsystems Inc on Jini.
In addition, Atinav offers independent technology components including Bluetooth, UPnP, Jini and WAP as integrated options with the framework.