Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

A descriptive term for a short branching sheet of cells from the lower uterine segment as seen by cytology, which has been fancifully likened to a piece of a jigsaw puzzle
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The resulting plate is an exact fit for the defect, not unlike the positioning of a jigsaw puzzle piece.
A TEACHER won PS37,000 compensation for a back injury caused by slipping on a jigsaw puzzle piece.
When the screen is locked, the notification shows up as a jigsaw puzzle piece.
This exciting fossil is a further jigsaw puzzle piece .
Paul joined last, like an elusive jigsaw puzzle piece.
As he shows, quoting Ernest Borek, the structure of DNA is "a jigsaw puzzle" "because every jigsaw puzzle piece has on at least one side a complementary piece that is its equal and opposite" (29).
Flat and following a shoreline that loops and curves like a giant jigsaw puzzle piece, they're 17 1/2 miles of delight.
But in terms of what Russia's role will be in Cyprus' bailout, the jigsaw puzzle pieces have not yet fallen into place.
Subjects who read a passage about an interaction between two people were more likely to characterize it as adversarial if they had first handled rough jigsaw puzzle pieces, compared to smooth ones.