Kanof, Norman B.

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Norman B., U.S. physician.
Jessner-Kanof disease - see under Jessner
Jessner-Kanof lesion - Synonym(s): Jessner-Kanof disease
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Her casting came about because Loach and O'Brien had attracted US backers, who insisted on a known American actor for the role of the human rights lawyer Ingrid Jessner, rather than Loach's preferred unknown or non-professional performers.
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Nevertheless, the Neues Schauspielhaus enjoyed a good reputation: from 1915-1919, it had been directed by Leonard Jessner, one of the most influential directors in Germany (see House, 1995: 2).
Edited by Gessica De Angelis, Ulrike Jessner, and Marijana Kresic
Legend has it that the Metropolitan Opera soprano and teacher Irene Jessner accepted the young Teresa Stratas into the Royal Conservatory of Music on the basis of her singing "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.
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DISCUSSION: JLIS, described by Jessner & Kanof in 1953, (1) is known as a benign chronic T-cell infiltrative disorder with lesions persisting for several months or years.
com)-- After serving 3 years in the Army as an infantryman, standing in the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jeff Jessner was ready for a change.
Anat Feinberg (Chapter 13) offers a biography of Jessner and his influence on modernist German theatre.
Herdina y Jessner 2002) las diferencias de otras variables individuales de caracter mas estatico, como la inteligencia o la aptitud linguistica.