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(rŏb′ĭnz), Frederick Chapman 1916-2003.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for work on the cultivation of the polio virus.
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Choreographer Jerome Robbins kept the cast members who played the Jets and Sharks separate to heighten the tension between the gangs during the show.
The Jerome Robbins Theater will have sophisticated visual, sound, and design elements.
Children of the baby boom knew the choreography of Jerome Robbins before they knew his name.
he was a gift from God,'' Arthur says of ``Fiddler'' director/choreographer Jerome Robbins, ``but he really wasn't a very nice person.
Then chillingly he suggested, "You know, a lot of young dancers don't know the name Jerome Robbins.
The feedback from those commercials has been incredible," marvels the 59-year-old Johnson, who is the last surviving person to be approved by the stage musical's original choreographer, the late Jerome Robbins, to re-create his work.
The landmark musical, an updated version of ``Romeo and Juliet,'' contains an unforgettable score by Leonard Bernstein and explosive ballet- and jazz-infused choreography by Jerome Robbins.
20, is part of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division and was amassed by Walter Toscanini, son of the famous conductor, and his wife Cia Fornaroli, a La Scala ballerina.
A factoid-a-day calendar with more juicy tidbits than a Liz Smith column--both historical details and dish on such luminaries as Liberace, Jerome Robbins, Elton John, and, hey, even The Advocate.
She has worked with many legendary artists, including Katherine Hepburn, Gwen Verdun, Tommy Tune, Joel Grey, Ben Vereen, and choreographers Jerome Robbins and Fosse.
In marked contrast to Jerome Robbins, who could be a beast, or Twyla Tharp, who can be a pill, Taylor exudes an affability and a vulnerability that seem to get the best out of his company.
Pioneering choreographers such as George Balanchine, Frederick Ashton, Antony Tudor, Martha Graham, Jerome Robbins, Agnes de Mille, Kurt Jooss, Twyla Tharp, Mark Morris.