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Robert W., U.S. dermatologist, 1842-1908. See: Taylor disease.


Charles F., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1827-1899. See: Taylor back brace, Taylor apparatus, Taylor splint.

Taylor, Effie J.

Etymology: 1874-1970
a Canadian-born American nurse who was graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. After graduation she continued at Johns Hopkins at the Phipps Psychiatric Institute, served as a nurse in World War I, and went to Yale University School of Nursing in 1923, succeeding Annie Goodrich as dean in 1934. She served as president of the International Council of Nurses during World War II.
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Few realise (it is usually said to be anonymous) that the churchman Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) in his Ductor Dubitantium 1:1:5, a compendium of Catholic and Protestant casuistry, traces it back to a couplet by Ambrose: 'Si fueris Romae, Romano vivite more; /Si fueris alibi, vivite sicut ubi.
The 49 members of the class of 2005 include Heather Adkins, Suzanna Allen, Nathan Altemus, Cheryl Ashcraft, Gary Baughman, Ben Bertsch, Samantha Cape, Ryan Casch, Sean Clemons, Stephanie Cossette, Nickolas Duron, Ronald Finch, Sally Sue Fussell, Cash Gardner, David Gibson, Kyle Hager, Lauren Harder, Zachary Harms, Patrick Howery, Kyrie Johnson, Jason LaDuke, Tara Lane, Kelly Long, Stuart Love, Brianne McCasland, Tracey McKhean, Timothy Smith, Victor Mercado, Mary Spencer, Christopher Miller, Shannon Monson, Ty Olsen, Robert Perkins, Andrew Perri, Daniel Polston, Sharma Pryor, Spencer Ravare, Kristen Reed, Aaron Rhule, Sharron Richardson, Kate Roberts, David Roshone, Jimmi Russell, Micah Schroeder, Roy Smith, Ashley Stevenson, Jeremy Taylor, Mychal Wortham, Kevin Yell.
Sulphur Springs School fifth-graders Briley Cantwell, Kevin Glancy, Zoe Sand, Jeremy Taylor and Ryan Ludwig won first in their grade.
Carroll, Wisdom and Wasteland: Jeremy Taylor in His Prose and Preaching Today, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2001, 288pp, GB 32.
Jeremy Taylor, a seventeenth-century Anglican bishop denounced times such as his when "Christian charity ends in killing one another for conscience sake, so that faith is made to cut the throat of charity.
4) That Philips actively engaged with this body of literature is testified to by the seventeenth century divine, Jeremy Taylor, who wrote a Discourse of the Nature, Offices and Measures of Friendship, with the Rules of conducting it.
Senior Airman Jeremy Taylor Airman 1st Class Brent Marthaler Airman 1st Class Brian McVeigh Airman 1st Class Peter Morgera Airman 1st Class Joseph Rimkus Airman 1st Class Joshua Woody FROM PATRICK AFB Capt.
THIS STUDY OF JEREMY TAYLOR is part of the Four Courts Press History Classic Series.
Occasionally (to an English ear) his phraseology grates and there are a few blunders, for example, William Land as protege of Jeremy Taylor (p.
Brown offers a compelling new picture of Donne by examining his poetry and prose side-by-side, demonstrating continuity in his use of casuistry, and comparing him to contemporaries such as William Ames, Joseph Hall, William Perkins, and Jeremy Taylor.
The younger brother wrote biographies of George Herbert (1858), Jeremy Taylor (1860), and others.
PokerStars is estimated to owe $257 million in back taxes," explained G-poker spokesman Jeremy Taylor.