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Robert W., U.S. dermatologist, 1842-1908. See: Taylor disease.


Charles F., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1827-1899. See: Taylor back brace, Taylor apparatus, Taylor splint.

Taylor, Effie J.

Etymology: 1874-1970
a Canadian-born American nurse who was graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. After graduation she continued at Johns Hopkins at the Phipps Psychiatric Institute, served as a nurse in World War I, and went to Yale University School of Nursing in 1923, succeeding Annie Goodrich as dean in 1934. She served as president of the International Council of Nurses during World War II.
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The forces of Thomas Carroll and Henry McAdoo combine to give us the next stage in the elucidation of the world of God in the words of Jeremy Taylor.
The picture shows, from left, Diana Packwood and Jeremy Taylor of Wace Morgan with Rachel Wilbrey and Clare Wearden of the
Jeremy Taylor, 30, was among 14 people killed when their light aircraft was hit by a storm that sent it hurtling into a mountainside near Nepal's capital Kathmandu.
Jeremy Taylor, 31, who claimed to be homeless according to police, was arraigned Tuesday in Clinton District Court on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony, possession of burglarious tools, larceny from a building, larceny of over $250 and vandalism.
Jeremy Taylor, who used to go to Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield, has to do some solo skating at the start of the Cinderella panto at the Garrick Theatre, in Lichfield.
Although he's being mentioned in the same breath as Nick Drake and John Martyn, songs such as the bleary-eyed Early Morning Remedy and innocent Infant Eyes recall more Jeremy Taylor in his heyday, combining sweet melody with a wry look at life.
The charity's programme manager for the region, Jeremy Taylor, said: "Our work is providing a lifeline for these people.
On hand for the cake cutting were, from left, CAPT Tommy Richardson, Comptroller, Pacific Fleet; retired CDR Jack Ebey, the oldest Supply Corps officer in attendance; RADM Dan Stone, then Chief of Supply Corps and Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command; LTJG Jeremy Taylor, the youngest Supply Corps officer in attendance; Bill Ryzewic, Deputy Chief of Staff for Pacific Fleet Maintenance; and Rear Admiral Jack Prendergast, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance, Pacific Fleet.
The officer, Sergeant Jeremy Taylor, admitted forgetting to ask Gregson 'Have you brought anything up from your stomach?
Tonight: Folk artist Jeremy Taylor performs at The General Ludd in James Street,
Autumn Keever, Zackery Last, Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Layton, Andrew Manderscheid, Adrienne Marble, Amanda Martin, Christopher McKinney, Jeffrey McLaughlin, Julie Miller, Anthony Mobley, Jed Moffitt, Edward Mooneyhan, Raymond O'Hara, Jesse Pierzina Priscilla Piper, Ana Ramirez, Morgan Ravare, Neil Ritz, Jerome Pugach, Jesus Saraz, Grace Schroeder, Andrea Spliethof, Jessy Steele, Joseph Stephens, Trisha Sullivan, Jeremy Taylor, Kevin Willey, Chelsea Williams and Francisco Zepeda.
Jeremy Taylor (1613-67) was a Caroline theologian, pastor, bishop, and eloquent preacher.