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Fitness was also a part of the trip, as Judi Sheppard Missett led Jazzercise classes for the delegation and also keynoted a business symposium in Shanghai sponsored by the Shanghai Women's Entrepreneur Association and the American Chamber of Commerce.
An exercise franchise since 1969, Jazzercise combines jazz dance routines with aerobic, yoga, Pilates and kick-boxing movements.
I am extremely proud that Jazzercise continues to thrive and grow," said Missett.
She is a member of Quilting Friends and Jazzercise.
Each parish independently defines its health ministry For example, First United Methodist Church of Winter Park offers yoga, Jazzercise, brain fitness, and personal counseling with a licensed mental health therapist.
She used to teach jazzercise in Saudi Arabia to women in compounds when she lived there for 12 years with her husband Khalid Al Suhaimi, 60, her daughter Miriam, 29, and son Yousef, 22.
However, a popular alternative is Jazzercise, in which you dance to make yourself fit and improve the shape of your body.
A number of fundraisers have been held over the last two months--a pancake breakfast, a jazzercise class and collection boxes at local businesses--and more are planned.
Exercises classes with natty names like pop mobility and jazzercise started to spring up and the kids from Fame had us all out buying legwarmers in our thousands.
Now on a speedy road to recovery, Bradshaw is busy making lunch date plans with her friends, and has returned to her Jazzercise classes and is playing golf again.
The Jazzercise Center plans to open its doors December 1st.