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Addams, Jane

Etymology: 1860-1935
an American social reformer. In Chicago in 1889 she founded Hull House, one of the first social settlements in the United States, where volunteers from many disciplines, including nursing, lived and worked in their professions. She played a central role in most of the social reforms of her time and provided inspiration to those in the nursing profession who were striving to establish high educational standards and better working conditions. She was co-recipient of the Nobel peace prize in 1931.
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Well, pride sometimes goes before a fall, Jane reflected ominously.
And now I suppose we'd better go to sleep," suggested Jane.
She was pondering, in the meanwhile, upon the possibility, without seeming very rude, of making her escape from Jane Fairfax's letter, and had almost resolved on hurrying away directly under some slight excuse, when Miss Bates turned to her again and seized her attention.
But it is very remarkable that she should always hear Jane better than she does me.
Delamayn was the master of the house) Lady Jane returned to the charge.
Lady Jane followed him, and tapped him briskly on the shoulder with her parasol.
But now they had come to their destination, and Tarzan of the Apes with Jane in his strong arms, swung lightly to the turf of the arena where the great apes held their councils and danced the wild orgy of the Dum-Dum.
I was helping Emma Jane choose aprons, and didn't think you'd mind which color I had.
You have missed a bit," interrupts Jane, who now knows the story better than her mother.
I thought you would be revolted, Jane, when you saw my arm, and my cicatrised visage.
Though Jane Clayton doubted the cook's ability to be of any material service to her, she was nevertheless deeply grateful to him for what he already had done.
Now, Jane, you shall see the entry for which the best-hearted girl in the college is to be expelled.