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James, English chemist, 1789-1846.
Marsh test - for detection of arsenic.
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2014: The Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything", by director James Marsh, is released.
In 2017, we added 246,000 customers to our base, with growth in the postpaid, prepaid, and MVNO and partner segments, the Vodafone Australia chief financial officer, James Marsh, said.
Colin Firth as Donald Director James Marsh captained The Theory Of Everything to Bafta and Oscar glory but he struggles to keep this real-life tragedy afloat.
Serving as moderator is the Head of Lionsgate Investor Relations, James Marsh.
The victims, who were all shot in the head, were James Marsh, Casey Maples, his pregnant girlfriend, and Christina Winden.
Director James Marsh added: "It would be the best thing in the world.
Del director James Marsh, conocido por un par de documentales (El proyecto Nim, Hombre en el cable) donde predomina un gusto por lo desorbitado, podria esperarse una mirada mas penetrante sobre Hawkings; a menos que la batalla por sobrevivir, el encuentro con dispositivos que van de la silla de ruedas a sofisticadas maquinas de comunicacion, senale a la capacidad humana de adaptacion en condiciones extremas, La teoria del todo es un monumento a lo politicamente correcto.
La teoria del todo, del director ingles James Marsh (ganador del Oscar por el documental Man on wire), lleva su vida a la pantalla grande, enfocandose en los 25 anos que duro su primer matrimonio.
Directed by Academy Award-winning director James Marsh, The Theory of Everything is a thought-provoking film starring Eddie Redmayne as extraordinary physicist Stephen Hawking and Felicity Jones as Jane Wilde, his love and fellow student.
McCarten and director James Marsh get creative trying to incorporate Hawking's contributions to science: Cream swirling around a coffee cup illustrates the region around a black hole, while Jane Hawking uses a pea and a potato to explain the difference between quantum theory and general relativity.
4 million estimate on the damages to the victim was calculated by a psychologist working for James Marsh, an attorney for Amy.
Jeremiah Robison, founder of the US-based company, who commission artists including Drew Wise, James Marsh and Mitch Chadban to design for them, told Grow America that their special sublimation technique allows for intensely vivid photographic images to be printed into the fabric.