Little, James

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James, U.S. surgeon, 1836-1885.
Little area - Synonym(s): Kiesselbach area
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Thongsbridge tennis players Dominic Vesely (front left) and Alex Tikhonov (front right) who will be repre-|senting Great Braitain with coach Nick Fitzpatrick (left) and sponsor James Little ANDY CATCHPOOL 031215BTENN_04
Auctioneer James Little said: "This Limousin sale has regularly proven to be one of the major autumn sales of the year, and it has once again demonstrated that there is a very keen interest in the Limousin breed.
Restaurant manager James Little explains: "You know you're in for a special night when the Krug's 1988 Clos du Mesnil is opened
On to the SPFL now and James Little, Glasgow, said: "I agree with Dundee United boss Jackie McNamara - we need bigger leagues to cut out boredom.
DALE MALCOLM JAMES Little did I know that day, when I left you I wouldn't see you any more, I feel so empty inside, but now you are out of your pain, I will always miss and love you.
Eastern time on Thursday, October 30, for a webinar with noted veterinarians Steve Reed and James Little about the current thoughts on EPM.
Pat Howell and Jamie Deabrew crossed for the champions, both converted by Grant Fitzgerald while James Little and Andrew omas went over for Llantrisant, with Lewys Montagew adding two penalties and a conversion.
James Little, honorary librarian, The All England Club, Wimbledon.
STAGING A CRIME Rachel Gay and Robert Nicholson who play brother and sister Lucy and James Little in the play
Stephen Brignull, Lodders; Rebecca Mawle, Fund Raising Coordinator, Shipston Home Nursing; James Little, Secretary for the Trustees of Shipston Home Nursing.
TWU President James Little at the time dubbed the court a "crime scene" for AMR's perceived unfair position on talks.
Receiving the federal 20 Year Exemplary Medal were: James Donn, John Fazekas, James Groves, James Little, David Monkhouse, Brian Poss, Michael St.