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Robert A., U.S. cardiologist, 1917-2004. See: Bruce protocol.


A gene on chromosome 2p22.3 that encodes a protein that inhibits apoptosis by ubiquinating apoptotic proteins, which targets them for degradation.

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Q. Can Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) cause a heart enlargement? A friend of mine is suffering from FMF. its usually doesn't bother him that much and when it dose the symptoms are stomach ache and fever. he has no heart symptoms and takes no medications. his physician told him that because of the FMF he might suffer from a heart enlargement, and that he should take some oral medications daily to prevent it. how can it be?

A. This question can't be answered with a strict yes or no.
although FMF on its own can't cause heart enlargement, FMF can cause amyloidosis because of the recurrent inflammation. this may lead to enlargement of the heart which is a severe disease.
the good side is that taking medication can decrease the chance of the cardiac enlargement.

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With Warne (50 wickets last term), James Bruce (39), Stuart Clark (24), Daren Powell (15) and Shaun Udal (14) not with them any more, it is a mystery as to how Hampshire expect to bowl sides out twice.
Martin Saggers had Warne caught at slip for 37 and McLaren dismissed David Balcombe and James Bruce.
As part of the changes James Bruce Peddle has been appointed vice-president, marketing andsales - USA, Canada and Caribbean, replacing Mark Hale, effective 1 May 2007.
The Kebra Nagast was first brought to Europe from Ethiopia by the intrepid mid-18th century Scottish explorer James Bruce of Kinnaird in two copies, which were catalogued by August Dillmann in 1848.
James Bruce, a Scottish scientist who has become an Anglican priest and church historian, studies a foundational source for Christianity in the British Isles--the Life of St Columba.
Warne then trapped David Harrison lbw before catching Andrew Davies at slip off James Bruce.
Complementing the writings of later European travellers such as the Scots adventurer James Bruce in search of the source of the Nile, and Richard Burton, the first Westerner to gain entry (in disguise) to the fabled city of Harar, Munro-Hay includes excerpts from rarely-cited Ethiopian royal chronicles and other sources.
He was assisted by another Kappa mentor, the ebullient German scholar James Bruce, who accompanied us on the Chapel organ.
Director James Bruce, a veteran, appropriately, of TV's "America's Most Wanted," at least has taste that's in tune with the material - he makes MacDonald remain topless for about an hour longer than her character conceivably would be.
JOBLESS James Bruce was facing a New Year of uncertainty until he scooped pounds 10,000 on the Sunday Mirror scratchcard game.
SAN FRANCISCO -- RS Investments, a San Francisco-based investment management firm, today announced that James Bruce has joined the RS Hard Assets Team as an equity analyst.
1770: Scottish explorer James Bruce identified the source of the Blue Nile.