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James, U.S. plastic surgeon, 1899-1971.
Blair-Brown graft - see under Blair
Brown-Adson forceps - an Adson forceps with about 16 delicate teeth on each tip.
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Add your name, address and daytime phone number and send it to James Brown Promotion, PO Box 39, Birmingham, B4 6AH.
The James Brown Legacy Monument will reside in James Brown's hometown near Augusta, GA.
While the claim that James Brown is the most sampled artist of all time cannot be independently confirmed, anecdotally at least, the legend would seem to have some basis in truth.
People were so terrified, white people, that they broadcast a James Brown concert live on television, and black people stayed in--to watch the show.
Thousands of fans packed the James Brown Arena in his home town of Augusta, Georgia, to pay their final respects to the soul legend, who died on Christmas Day aged 73.
He said: "I was working at the club when James Brown was touring the UK.
James Brown led the soldiers in the singing of America the Beautiful.
Forever gone Will be the days of the independent, black-owned radio stations playing James Brown records and serving as a voice of the community.
WITH A UNIQUE voice underscoring a music that pulses with the insistence of its African roots, James Brown holds unquestioned right to his title, "The Godfather of Soul.
Harlem minister Calvin Butts, NAACP heavies, Dionne Warwick, the National Political Congress of Black Women, and assorted intellectuals-against-nihilism have all joined the chorus of disapproval, and James Brown himself now forbids X-rated rappers from sampling his voice.
Which brings us to James Brown, whose wife Adrienne (according to Jet magazine) groomed and styled his hair on her weekly trips to see him in prison.
THIS colourful biopic of the late 'Godfather of Soul' James Brown is a chaotic mixture of jumping time frames, with The Help's director Tate Taylor making the typical genre mistake of chewing on too many underwritten stories.