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jambul (jäm·bl),

n Latin name:
Syzygium cuminii; parts used: fruit, seeds, leaves; uses: diarrhea, diabetes mellitus; precautions: none known. Also called
black plum, jamba, jambolana, jambolo, jambool, jambula, jambulon plum, or
java plum.
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Other authors also report the presence of high content of oleic acid in pequi, pitanga and jambolan seeds (LUZIA, JORGE, 2009; LUZIA et al.
Titratable acidity observed in J1 and J2 were higher than the observed in jellies of mango, acerola, jambolan, pineapple and blackberry.
Native to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, Afghanistan and Myanmar, jamun is also known as jambu, jambula, jamboola, java plum, jaam/kalojaam, jamblang, jambolan, black plum, damson plum, duhat plum, or portuguese plum.