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The bonnet then returned to France in a variety of complementary and coincidental ways, not least a series of events associated with the painter Jacques-Louis David.
She wrote several books of art criticism during this time, including Jacques-Louis David (1967) and The Genius of the Future: Studies in French Art Criticism (1971).
He was an intimate friend of Rousseau's, and knew such diverse people as Voltaire, Benjamin Constant, the French painter Jacques-Louis David, Goethe, August-Wilhelm Schlegel, Reynolds, Fuseli, Wright of Derby, Sir Thomas Banks, Dr Johnson, Dr Taylor, Anna Seward, Erasmus Darwin, Sir Walter Scott, Maria Edgeworth, Sir Joseph Banks, Nelson, Lady Hamilton, and Henry Crabb Robinson.
Jacques-Louis David, Robespierre) with that of those recalling the Revolution in tranquillity (e.
Wilson's visual book draws both from his own firmly established vocabulary of moving images and from the Neo-classical paintings of Jacques-Louis David, particularly "Marat assassine," "Oath of the Horatii," and any number of his sensually lit classical compositions of reclining and standing figures.
Highlights of the exhibition include paintings by American masters as Rembrandt Peale, John Singleton Copley, John Trumbull, Joshua Johnson (an American freedman) and Gilbert Stuart and French artists including Jacques-Louis David, Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon and Antonio Canova.
She presents the poet as a man who behaved not just indiscreetly but foolishly, offending those who might have helped him, spurning his Jacobin brother, letting his friendship with Jacques-Louis David lapse, and publicly insulting the Revolution.
The only work that will be on display in this part of the exhibition will be a triptych of the most famous paintings in Western art -- "The Death of Marat" by Jacques-Louis David, on view now at the Palais de Beaux Arts of Brussels.
While European artists like Jacques-Louis David were striving to create a high-minded new classicism 200 years ago, in Britain the likes of Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillray and Hogarth were using their talents to satirize and caricature the politicians of the day.
Other works are the "The Musicians' Brawl," by painter Georges de La Tour dating from between 1625-1630, and "The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis," an 1818 painting by Jacques-Louis David.
A rebellious pupil of Jacques-Louis David during the 1780s, Girodet early on developed his own idiosyncratic style.