Emile, 19th-century French chemist. See: Jacquemin test.
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Jerry was recording the show with his friend and Monty Python producer Andre Jacquemin and remembers the American as "friendly, though very saddened at George's passing".
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88118 Leeward Dr, Florence; Bruce Stephen R & Jacquemin Claire Y; Single Family Dwelling With Attached Garage; $218,436.
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Sally Jacquemin, Microgrid Business Manager, Siemens Digital Grid
In general, it is well recognized now that firms strategically behave to change "structural" characteristics of the industry in order to deter entry (Geroski, Gilbert and Jacquemin, 1990 provide a review).
puede verse Buigues, Jacquemin y Marchipont, 2000), o bien modelos para la administracion publica en sus diferentes vertientes: ayuntamientos (Dragonetti y Roos, 1998), universidades (Ramirez, 2010).