Jacob's ladder

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Jacob's ladder,

n Latin name:
Convallaria majalis; parts used: flowers, leaves, roots; uses: anticonvulsant, cardiotonic, heart dis-ease, topical treatment for burns; precautions: persons with cardiac conditions. Increases risk of bradycardia when used with calcium channel blockers. Also called
ladder-to-heaven, May lily, muguet, our-lady's-tears.
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You have to reach out, grab it, step (or leap) across open water from one moving, bobbing vessel to another, and then climb the ladder, which in seamens' lingo is a Jacob's Ladder.
There are other Jacob's ladders on the market, in particular a variegated form of P.
774 Class Jacob's Ladder AEL-2-160013003 NSN 2090-01-510-0896 Lanyard Assembly NSN 4020-01-512-4806