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John Hughlings, English neurologist, 1835-1911. See: jacksonian epilepsy, Jackson law, Jackson rule, Jackson sign.


Jabez N., U.S. surgeon, 1868-1935. See: Jackson membrane, Jackson veil.
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Recounting the plot of ``Jack Frost,'' the 1979 Rankin and Bass animated TV special about the prince of winter who gives being human a try, the Troubies cut and paste in songs from Janet Jackson, Freddie Jackson, the Jackson Five, Joe Jackson, Jackson Browne and -- of course -- about three-fourths of the ``Thriller'' album.
Jackson Frost's (played by Michelle Anne Johnson) romp with his dim-bulb beloved Elissa (Audrey Siegel) has a touch of meanness to it, and the plastic surgery and Botox addiction jokes -- well, how could you skip them -- get to be a bit much.
The exact location for each is left up to town officials, who have granted the Jacksons access to everything from a solid-waste disposal site to a prime plot at a city's entrance.
The Jacksons encourage public participation in the plantings, in the hope that their personal campaign will inspire others.
In a number of other states, town officials update the Jacksons each year on the health, growth rate, and bloom quality of their trees.
Matanzas Creek Winery is joining the Jackson family's Artisans & Estates(R) collection of ultra-premium boutique wineries in a private transaction described by both sides as a "perfect marriage.
This is a key addition to a portfolio that includes sought after wineries such as Lokoya, Cardinale and Hartford Court remarked Jess Jackson, Proprietor of Artisans & Estates(R).
In the past few years we received many inquiries about selling our winery, but Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke were the only ones we were confident would carry on Matanzas Creek's quality traditions," said Sandra MacIver.
The grand piano that Michael Jackson used to compose songs from ``Thriller'' and a classic Rolls-Royce were seized Thursday from the superstar's parents' home on orders from a bankruptcy judge.
7 million judgment was levied against them and all but the most famous member of the Jackson 5.
The National Enquirer immediately announced its bounty for a photo of Jackson, Rowe and child: $500,000, as if the blood-lusting paparazzi needed incentive.
But said gold-plated photograph didn't seem to be forthcoming any time soon, as the freshly expanded Jackson family had departed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center about 8 a.

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