Jackson law

Jack·son law

loss of mental functions due to disease retraces in reverse order its evolutionary development.

Jack·son law

(jak'sŏn law)
Loss of mental functions due to disease that retraces in reverse order its evolutionary development.


John Hughlings, English neurologist, 1835-1911.
Jackson law - loss of mental functions due to disease retraces in reverse order its evolutionary development.
Jackson rule - after an epileptic attack, simple and quasiautomatic functions are less affected and more rapidly recovered than the more complex ones.
Jackson sign - during quiet respiration the movement of the paralyzed side of the chest may be greater than that of the opposite side, while in forced respiration the paralyzed side moves less than the other.
jacksonian epilepsy - Synonym(s): jacksonian seizure
jacksonian seizure - a seizure originating in or near the rolandic neocortex which clinically involves one part of the body. Synonym(s): jacksonian epilepsy
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