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A term of art for a mutation that occurs early in the growth of a culture; jackpots affect the mutation frequency but not the rate
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On June 28, 2008, the Dan Morrissey Syndicate, from Co Carlow, became overnight celebrities as they smashed the Lotto jackpot record by winning the [euro]18.
The jackpot starts at $40 million and increases by a minimum of $5 million per draw.
color) Aman Behniwal, one of the owners of a South Pasadena liquor store, holds up a sign given to him by a California lottery official, indicating that someone won a $110 million jackpot with a ticket bought in the store.
With the advent of the Mega Millions, lottery officials expect future jackpots to soar more frequently along with the sales.
We are excited to enter into this partnership and look forward to providing our players with what they have asked for - jackpots in the $200 million to $300 million range,'' said Chon Gutierrez, the lottery's interim director.
Back in 2001, a San Bernardino woman claimed her jackpot one day before her ticket expired, Aguirre said.
Lotto-crazed hopefuls waited in long lines Thursday to shell out dollar after dollar across the San Fernando Valley in hopes of capturing Saturday's record $171 million jackpot.