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In the new study, the researchers used comprehensive whole-exome gene sequencing, assisted by novel computational algorithms, to compare the genomes of healthy blood cells to those of cancer cells at diagnosis and relapse in 27 JMML patients ranging from one month to three years of age.
Previously, just five defects in the Ras oncogene pathway had been associated with JMML.
Although that pathway had not previously been directly implicated in JMML, Kotecha used an antibody that binds only to activated STAT5 to determine whether the cells of 12 patients with JMML displayed abnormally high levels of the protein in response to low doses of GM-CSF.
In contrast to the JMML samples, seven out of eight normal bone marrow samples, as well as eight out of eight samples from patients with similar, but not identical, disorders, maintained normal levels of activated protein after the low dose GM-CSF treatment--suggesting that the technique may be a sorely needed diagnostic aid for JMML.
JMML accounts for 1% to 2% of childhood leukaemias each year.
Since about 10% of patients are diagnosed before three months of age, it is thought JMML is a congenital condition in these infants.
Discussions with regulators and clinical experts on the appropriate clinical development program in JMML are ongoing.
Development options in JMML will now be discussed with clinical experts and regulators.
Evidence of E21R's potential utility in JMML is published in the current issue of the scientific journal, `Blood' (`Transient hematologic and clinical effect of E21R in a child with end-stage juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia', auth.
Please continue to support us with your generosity and make Charlotte's eternal legacy have a long-term and beneficial effect upon the future treatment and cure of JMML.
On receiving Charlotte's diagnosis in July 2005 we were made aware that JMML could kill her, the treatment itself could kill her and anything in between would be a bonus.