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In JAMA, Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD, of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and Martin Weinstock, MD, PhD, of Brown University, Providence, R.
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Of note is that JAMA participated along with 230 other nursing, medical and social science journals in a universal theme issue on global poverty.
As Anand told the New York Times after the JAMA controversy broke: "By the second trimester, all bets are off and I would argue that in the absence of absolute proof we should give the fetus the benefit of the doubt if we are going to call ourselves compassionate and humane physicians.
8% to 425,489 units, growing for the first time in three months, JAMA said.
In September 2000, for example, JAMA published a paper comparing the prescription painkiller Celebrex to over-the-counter ibuprofen.
JAMA is a nonprofit organization composed of 14 Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to support the sound development of Japan's automobile industry and to contribute to economic and social welfare.
If JAMA can, on average, maintain the reduction rate achieved in 2001 it would meet at least the 2003 intermediate target of 175g/km;
Because it was published in JAMA, was based on a well-known survey, and there's so much interest in women's sexuality and drug treatment, it has attained this status [as] the most accurate figure we have," says the Kinsey Institute's Cynthia Graham.
1] The disputed paper was published in the same day's issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), [2] along with several articles and editorials on relationships with industry and conflict of interest in medical research.
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