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verb An obsolete Middle English term meaning to exude, as in eczema; it is not used in the working medical parlance.

low-energy emission therapy



An alternative treatment for sleep disorders in which the oral mucosa is stimulated by low-wattage electromagnetic fields.
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Grupo CID-10 Ocorrencia IVAS J03 Amigdalite J00 e J11 Nasofaringite H65 Otites J01 Sinusite Respiratorias J45 Asma bronquica R05 Tosse R06 Dispneia, anormalidade da respiracao Gastrointestinais A09 Diarreia e gastroenterite, infecciosa presumivel k30 Dispepsia Dorsalgias M54 Dorsalgia, cervicalgia, dor lombar baixa Urinarias N39 Outros transtornos do trato urinario (ITU), N30 Cistite, N34 Uretrite, sindrome uretral HAS e Diabetes I10 HAS E14 Diabetes Saude bucal K08 Outros transtornos dos dentes, dor de dente Orientacao Z00 Consulta geral sem queixa tecnica Z01 Exames (pedidos ou duvidas) Z02 Consulta com finalidades administrativas (atestado, especialista) Z76 Medicacao
9 except accidents, injuries, suicides, and homicides) and daily mortality counts, including all-cause mortality [all ICD-10 codes V01 Y98 (WHO 2007) except accidents, injuries, suicides, and homicides, excluding X30 (heat-related illness)], cardiovascular mortality (codes 100-199), and respiratory mortality (codes J00 J99).
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