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Ivan P., Russian physiologist and Nobel laureate, 1849-1936. See: pavlovian conditioning, Pavlov method, Pavlov pouch, Pavlov stomach, Pavlov reflex.

Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich

[pav′lôv, pä′vlôf]
(1849-1936), a Russian physiologist who discovered a pattern of conditioned stimulus-reflex learning, the manner in which the physiological mechanism of digestion is controlled by the nervous system, and a theory of the causes and treatment of human neuroses.
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Ivan Petrovich traveled the entire area, since this is where the cherry is showing potential.
The Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936) suggested that this was so.
The book has a conventional, melodramatic plot, with Ivan Petrovich (Vanya), who is in love with Natasha Ikhmeneva, trying to aid her in her wooing of Alyosha Valkovsky.
He makes use of a great number of previously unknown archival materials to put forth a history of the scientific research of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.
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