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An isocaloric glucose fructose beverage's effect on simulated 100-km cycling performance compared with a glucose-only beverage.
2012, 2013) in CHD patients revealed no significant increases of endothelial microparticles (EMP) during short HIIE and isocaloric CE, which are specific biological markers associated with endothelial dysfunction.
In this study [19], the authors used the same experimental protocol and treatment group subdivision as described herein, but only for female rats: deficiency of sex hormones (Ovx) associated with alcoholic diet (20% alcohol solution), isocaloric diet, or ad libitum diet.
As controls, rats fed with choline and methionine containing diet, isocaloric with MCD diet, were used.
Then, the ethanol containing MLD was replaced with isocaloric ethanol-free MLD to induce withdrawal (day 29).
The rats given the interventions had microbiota composition profiles similar to that of control rats that were intragastrically fed an isocaloric dextrose diet for 10 weeks.
Indeed, several clinical trials have shown that compared to glucose or starch, isocaloric exchange with fructose or sucrose leads to increases in fasting insulin, fasting glucose, and the insulin/glucose responses to a sucrose load.
One of these factors is whether the authors employed an isocaloric design.
Bone mineralization and growth are enhanced in preterm infants fed an isocaloric, nutrient-enriched preterm formula through term.
Growth, feed conversion and protein utilization of florida red tilapia fed isocaloric diets with different protein levels in seawater pools.
The rats were given standard laboratory diet which was isocaloric (2700 cal/kg feed) and isonitrogenous (21% crude protein) and were allowed free access to drinking water.