ischaemic heart disease

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is·che·mic heart dis·ease

(is-kē'mik hahrt di-zēz')
A general term for diseases of the heart caused by insufficient blood supply to the myocardium, e.g., atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, unstable angina, and myocardial infarction.
Synonym(s): ischaemic heart disease, ischaemic heart disease.

coronary artery disease

also known as coronary heart disease or ischaemic heart disease. Includes angina pectoris and myocardial infarction. A deficient supply of oxygenated blood to the myocardium causes central chest pain of varying intensity that may radiate to arms and jaw. The blood vessels are usually narrowed by atheromatous plaques. Commonest cause of sudden death in sport in those over 45 years. See also angina pectoris, cardiac rehabilitation.
ischaemic heart disease myocardial ischaemia (e.g. due to coronary artery, atheroma, thrombosis, embolism or arteritis; thyrotoxicosis; myocardial hypertrophy [secondary to hypertension], aortic stenosis)

is·che·mic heart dis·ease

(is-kē'mik hahrt di-zēz')
A general term for diseases of the heart caused by insufficient blood supply to the myocardium.
Synonym(s): ischaemic heart disease.
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5 million are from ischemic cardiopathy, which, along with deaths from cerebrovascular diseases, constitute the two main entities of mortality of cardiovascular etiology (World Health Organization, 2007).
This scale has been employed very frequently in patients with ischemic cardiopathy, both for research and to detect symptoms with a view to intervention, as it is a short scale, but with excellent psychometric properties (Martin, Thompson, & Barth, 2008).
But, due to their clinical utility, we also analyzed the relations between life satisfaction and the type of positive and negative adjustment to illness used by patients recently diagnosed with ischemic cardiopathy, considering both coping styles conjointly.
The main goal of this study was to analyze the relations between life satisfaction, adjustment to illness and emotional distress in a sample of men who had just suffered an episode of ischemic cardiopathy.
The moment we assessed life satisfaction was immediately after having suffered a first episode of ischemic cardiopathy.
Recently, it has been shown that RCG with high-resolution HRV analysis is the sole method for diagnosis of the autonomic cardiac neuropathy (AN) in the setting of diabetes, ischemic cardiopathy, chronic nephropathy, because AN is secondary and polyetiological syndrome.
Ischemic cardiopathy and arterial hypertension were present in 32% and 41% of all cases, respectively.
The etiology of HF was largely attributable to ischemic cardiopathy (in 37% of cases) and hypertension (32%); in a few cases, it was attributable to valve disorders.