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Rudolf, German ophthalmologist, 1833-1897. See: Berlin edema.
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Irving Berlin in 1912, the year he wrote Alexander's Ragtime Band
Hyman, Ian Whitcomb and other musicians create a hypothetical day in the life of Irving Berlin - from "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" to "Tell Me a Bedtime Story.
That year, he also changed his name to Irving Berlin.
The pianist plays tunes by Cole Porter and Irving Berlin on the grand piano.
And many of those individuals were immigrants--including Albert Einstein; Irving Berlin, who wrote "God Bless America"; Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine; and Charlie Chaplin, who helped create the film industry.
it's widely forgotten that he wrote "This Land Is Your Land" not as a schoolchild hymn but as a dark parody of Irving Berlin.
Anecdotes about Irving Berlin, James Thurber, Bessie Smith, Al Jolson, and Ethel Waters, to name just a few of the dozens and dozens of individuals we meet in these pages, are deftly used to illustrate Douglas's larger arguments.
Irving Berlin, the Russian cantor's son, born Irving Baline in 1888, created a musical legacy that will probably be felt for generations to come.
Irving Berlin (1888-1989) was born in Russia and was brought to the United States in 1893.
Novelist, short-story writer, and society heiress, whose multimillionaire Catholic father threatened to disinherit her because she intended to marry <IR> IRVING BERLIN </IR> , an Orthodox Jew.
Irving Berlin wrote the music for the film, the real allure for much of the audience.
1888: Songwriter Irving Berlin was born as Israel Baline in Siberia.