intrinsic motivation

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in·trin·sic mo·ti·va·tion

derivation of personal satisfaction through self-initiated achievement and behavior.

intrinsic motivation

a prompt to action that comes from within the individual; a drive to action that is rewarded by doing the activity itself, rather than deriving some external reward from it.


the internal and external drives and forces that energize, direct and regulate behaviour. Motivation is often conceptualized in terms of direction (the behavioural goal) and intensity (the level of motivation from low to high). Extrinsic motivation motivation directed towards the attainment of rewards that are separable from a behaviour or activity itself. For example, an athlete who engages in sport just to win medals would be extrinsically motivated. intrinsic motivation motivation driven by the pleasure and satisfaction inherent in engaging in a behaviour or activity. For example, an athlete who engages in sport purely for fun and enjoyment would be intrinsically motivated.
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This greater meaning or purpose is aligned with Renard and Snelgar's (2017) understanding of intrinsic motivation, suggesting that pastors who demonstrate high SQ will experience heightened intrinsic motivation.
With respect to correlations between the different domains, the validation study carried out by Guay and colleagues (2000) revealed statistically significant positive correlation values between Intrinsic Motivation and Identified Regulation (r = .
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The current study was carried out to determine the involvement of lecturers at Polytechnic of Sultan Abdul Halim Mua'dzam Shah in carrying out training innovation to improve learning and teaching excited about doing work using technology in The findings of the study showed that each of the constructs of motivation level is high based on the intrinsic motivation more comfortable doing lectures without any stress and get satisfaction without expecting money from any party.
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When unswerving incentives occur, a disestablishment of intrinsic motivation is present as incentives are the more significant component to performance.
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