internet addiction disorder

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Internet addiction disorder

a posited clinical syndrome, without clearly established criteria or etiology, involving excessive time spent "surfing" the internet.
A maladaptive pattern of Internet use, characterised by psychological dependence, withdrawal symptoms when off-line for prolonged periods, loss of control, compulsive behaviour, and clinically significant impairment of normal social interactions or distress
Adverse effects Cyberaffairs, addiction to online games, violence following financial miscalculations by day traders, and other risky behaviour

internet addiction disorder

Internet misuse Psychology A maladaptive pattern of Internet use, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress
Internet addiction disorder–manifest by 3 or more of the following, occurring at any time in the same 12-month period
1. Tolerance defined by either of the following: A. Need for markedly ↑  amounts of time on the Internet to achieve satisfaction B. Markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of time on Internet
2. Withdrawal manifest by either of the following:
 A. A characteristic withdrawal syndrome
 1. Following cessation of–or reduction in—Internet use that has been heavy and prolonged
 2. Two or more of the following, developing within several days to a month after Criterion 1:
  a. Psychomotor agitation
  b. Anxiety
  c. Obsessive rumination regarding events presently occurring on the Internet
  d. Fantasies or dreams about the Internet
  e. Involuntary typing movements of the fingers
3. The symptoms in Criterion 2 cause distress or impairment in social, occupational, or another important area of functioning
 B. Use of Internet or a similar on-line service is engaged to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms
3. Internet Accessed more often or for longer period of time than was intended
4. Desire to control use. Persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control Internet use
5. Time spent. A great deal of time is spent in activities related to Internet use, eg buying Internet books, trying out new web browsers, researching Internet vendors, organizing files of downloaded material
6. Normal activities ignored. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of Internet use
7. Use continues despite recognition of ill effects. Use continues despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical, social, occupational, or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by Internet use–sleep deprivation, marital difficulties, lateness for early morning appointments, neglect of occupational duties, or feelings of abandonment in significant others Internet Addiction Support Group
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Perhaps this is the doing of social media or perhaps it's because the only person who can tolerate an Internet addict is another Internet addict.
If the potential gaming or Internet addict loses his or her job, or stops going to school in order to be online or to play a digital game.
CLINIC FOR INTERNET ADDICTS: A clinic for rehabilitation of internet addict people opened in Istanbul within the body of Bay-cylar Training and Research Hospital.
83,84) There is even a case report of cardiac arrest leading to death in an Internet addict after an Internet gaming binge, during which the subject neither ate nor slept.
Finally, of those non-Internet addicts who remained after matching on the variables of gender and age, we chose the student who most closely matched the Internet addict on grade point average; once again, because there was considerable variability in this measure, we allowed members of a pair to differ on grade point average by up to .
Meet Andrew, a young Mormon missionary who feels guilty about attending an R-rated comedy; Clayton, a black Republican with tart words for President Obama; Cherie, a devoted reader of the I Ching (the ultimate "fate book," one might say); and Zoe, an Internet addict who posts serial videos of herself crying, whispering and staring.
On the other hand, absolute time spent on Internet per day or week is more important to be an Internet addict than the period of Internet use.
According to Reuters, there were no official figures for the Internet addict dropout rate, but in 2003 9% of the total of 26,500 conscripts were relieved due to medical reasons.
Leading the study, Professor Phil Reed from Swansea University said: "When an internet addict first turns on their computer it's like the first cigarette for a heavy smoker after a night's sleep.
029 Table--3: Different Factors and their Relation to Average Score on Internet Addiction Test Demographic N Internet Addict Test Means [+ or -] SD 15 26 49.
They had three daughters but after he got his first computer in the late 90s, he became an internet addict.

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