Internal Bra

A surgical technique that addresses the bottoming out deformity seen in some breast implants, in which gravity causes one or both implants to ride low or lateral to the intended site
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The graft, which is stripped of all pig cells so the body does not reject it, works like an internal bra, into the bust to hold the implants in place.
Procedure: The internal bra A cone-shaped, mesh-like material called Breform is inserted under the skin and stitched to the layer of fat above the breast tissue.
But the internal bra provides permanent support, greatly reducing the likelihood of re-sagging.
The internal bra System called Breform is a soft sponge placed under the skin and acts in the same way as a bra without the need for implants to enhance the bust.
ourt added that the internal bra might help those who had undergone radiotherapy treatment.
INSURANCE worker Claire Coleman has become one of the first women in the world to have an internal bra fitted.