intermediate filaments

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in·ter·me·di·ate fil·a·ments

a class of tough protein filaments (including keratin filaments, neurofilaments, desmin, and vimentin) that measure 9-11 nm in thickness and make up part of the cytoskeleton of the cytoplasm of most eukaryotic cells; so named because they are intermediate in thickness between actin filaments and microtubules.

intermediate filaments

part of the cell cytoskeleton, forming a network around the nucleus, extending to the cell periphery and crossing the cell membrane to form desmosomes


1. between; intervening; resembling, in part, each of two extremes.
2. a substance formed in a chemical process that is essential to formation of the end-product of the process.

intermediate cell mass
intermediate filaments
intracellular protein fibers which are part of the cytoskeleton in eukaryotic cells.
intermediate host
especially in parasitology, a host in which the parasite undergoes a stage, usually the larval or nonsexual stage, in its development. The host may be an insect vector which also acts as the transmitting medium, or another insect or animal species which is a passive enhancer, the infection being spread by other means.
intermediate junction
see zonula adherens.
intermediate mesoderm
mesoderm located just lateral to the somites, uniting the paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm.
intermediate sheep footrot
less underrunning of horn and less likelihood of resulting in chronic lesions than in virulent footrot.
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The cells had a high nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio, and profiles of intermediate filaments were prevalent in the cytoplasm of the cells (Figure 2B,C).
Protein phosphatases maintain the organization and structure interactions of hepatic keratin intermediate filaments.
25) In fact, Meis-Kindblom and Kindblom, (25) in their ultrastructural analysis of certain poorly differentiated areas of their angiosarcoma cases, encountered whorls of abundant intermediate filaments and tonofilament-like structures, which may explain the keratin expression.
13) Desmin, the intermediate filament protein of skeletal muscle fibers, cardiac myocytes, and certain smooth muscle cells, is a part of the cytoskeletal domain linking Z-bands with the plasmalemma and the nucleus.
6] Cytokeratin 7 (CK7) is another intermediate filament that is found in urothelial neoplasia of the urinary bladder.
The exact percentage of glassy cells needed to make the diagnosis of GCC is not well established, but it may range from 30% to 100%[1,9] Ultrastructurally, glassy cells may show intermediate filaments, polyribosomes, tonofibrils, and desmosomes.
However, SCEVs are distinctive because they express little if any [Alpha]-smooth muscle actin and S100 protein or intermediate filaments other than cytokeratin and vimentin.
In addition, both PSA and PSAP antigenicity are unaffected, suggesting a selective effect on cytokeratin intermediate filaments.

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