Intellectual Infrastructure

The human component—knowledge, skills and abilities—required for businesses and organisations to function effectively
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With the city's development and height restrictions, strong intellectual infrastructure and recent broad-based economic resurgence, we believe Austin has the necessary fundamentals for continued long-term growth.
The funds not only help the United States to promote and maintain its technological superiority on the battlefield, they have a major impact on the nation's intellectual infrastructure, Schell testified.
Buchanan and Thomas Frank also recognize the invaluable intellectual infrastructure provided by the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and others, although Buehanan's account is both more informed and largely more sympathetic than Frank's more cursory and partial acknowledgement that, in politics, ideas do matter and that, in contemporary American political life, the ideas of the Right, broadly and loosely defined, have mattered the most.
In contrast, conservatives have built an intellectual infrastructure of think tanks and strategists that does the hard work of refraining the debate in their terms.
NSI got permission from the NSF to start charging a registration fee for registrations in September 1995 and within two years that fund, called the Intellectual Infrastructure Fund (IIF) had grown to $35m, including interest.
The Asia-Pacific region is developing its insurance markets quickly and it needs the kind of intellectual infrastructure that university programs in risk and insurance can offer.
Harper provides oversight and guidance to the IEC in developing educational programs to introduce nanotechnology to practicing engineers and to create the intellectual infrastructure required for successful transition from research breakthroughs to commercial applications.
From an industry point of view, Texas must increase its intellectual infrastructure.
The best way to provide economic stimulus to countries with transitional economies like Poland is to give them challenging work that both generates local cash and also adds to the technical and intellectual infrastructure," said Bartkowski.
New York City's stature as the leader in services has been achieved by combining innovative expertise and a renowned intellectual infrastructure in a carefully-crafted package called the "service widget.
With a mission to advance research in the field of life sciences, NIG operates multiple entities including the Bioresources Center, DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) and DNA Sequencing Center as core institutes to build the intellectual infrastructure that supports them.
Outcomes: Implements and advances specific functions envisaged to be carried out by the Cooperation Council and prepare political and intellectual infrastructure for the Cooperation Council whenever it is brought into being by the Governments of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and when feasible Syria.
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