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PF-LCM method depends on fact that each integer number can uniquely written as a product of prime numbers raised to different powers.
For h=29, one uses equations (27), (29), and (31) until obtaining an integer number,
In the case of 16-QAM, HiperLAN uses rate 9/16 instead of rate 1/2 in order to get an integer number of OFDM symbols for packets of 54 bytes.
The pixels which have the integer number less than 'A' are assigned the value of zero.
While NETWORKDAYS returns an integer number of days, WORKDAY is designed to return a date.
An integer data type represents a value of an integer number, the magnitude of which is unconstrained.
These times are taken to be an excess number of days over an integer number of years.
is less than]z]-program R is an assignment of a set of integer number tuples of proper arity to every extensional name in R.
Simultaneously, the lot size has to be at least the size of the container capacity, thus making the lot size equal to an integer number of kanbans, i.
By Abad's assumption, during this time the reseller maintains the same reduced selling price, p, used during the actual promotion period, T, which required integer number of equal size lots, [theta] [greater than or equal to] 0