Indirect Suicide

Death as the unintended outcome of high-risk behaviour, such as BASE jumping or mountain climbing
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Lack of enthusiasm for life -- an indirect suicide * Attempt to get attention from family members they feel have deserted them * A protest against current living conditions, for example, a nursing home * Economic hardship * Medical issues such as decrease in appetite due to medications, arthritis and the lack of ability to taste food
Within that broad orientation fall cases which Tatz categorises as, for instance, accidental or indirect suicide (the risk-runners); the slashers and self-mutilators who "kill" an offending part of the body; those making a statement about their desire for revenge or retaliation (political suicide); violence to others and then to self as an appeal for support and assistance; the termination of irremediable grief; suicide as the only way to exercise autonomy and to exercise personal sovereignty.