Independent Adoption

A non-relative, non-agency adoption that is usually handled through attorneys but sometimes through physicians or other intermediaries
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Tenders are invited for Independent adoption support services (ss17 101)
Local authorities and independent adoption agencies provide support throughout the assessment process and afterwards as well as training for adopters.
24) If SSG Langley wants to pursue independent adoption, you should advise him to consider seeking the assistance of an adoption attorney, since the rules governing independent adoptions vary by state.
com)-- A new website released today by the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) will make the adoption search much easier for pregnant women considering adoption for their baby.
Independent adoption is a common practice and preferred in our society.
In cases where children are adopted, following care proceedings by the local authority, there will have been initial consideration by an independent adoption panel, and the court will have to be satisfied that there is no other way to safeguard the welfare of the children concerned.
Inspectors spent four days at the independent adoption agency, whose role is to recruit and approve prospective adopters, under the Care Standards Act 2000.
Individual agency, a component of color-blind ideology, is critical to participants in private and independent adoption, and in the 1990s Congress passed laws to support color-blind adoption practice.
A source said: "The council have taken a decision to go for an independent adoption outside the family.
See, for example, the following report on a typical conference devoted to the war against independent adoption (military metaphors were common).

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