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n the return in money from one's business, practice, or capital invested; gains, profit.
income tax,
n a tax upon an adjusted gross income (individual or corporate) imposed as a major source of governmental revenue at the state and federal levels.


financial return from a project or for help provided.

income elasticity
see demand elasticity.
net income
gross income less costs.
income over feed cost
a rough indicator of the profitability of an animal enterprise based principally on fattening of young livestock, e.g. in a feedlot. The fixed costs are the depreciation on the installation and labor, the variable costs are the price of cattle and the feed.
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Again, the relative risk is measured as the risk of any given category relative to the category of no difference between the omnibus and aggregated income amounts.
However, when the two income amounts are not equal, we recode the aggregated income to be "missing.
There is a great deal of mismatch between the aggregated income amounts and the omnibus income categories.
These coefficients support the idea that the differences between the omnibus income amounts and the aggregated income amounts are not completely random.
As shown in Table 1 the differences between the omnibus and aggregated income amounts are associated with certain types of income and demographic characteristics.