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In experimental psychology, an object or goal of motivated behavior.
[LL. incentivus, provocative]


Any stimulus that encourages a desired response. Incentives may be provided to patients (e.g., to ensure adherence to treatment plans), to practitioners (e.g., to improve productivity or job performance), or to students (e.g., to improve grades).

financial incentive

A cash payment made to a patient who achieves a health-related goal such as sustaining a weight loss over a 6-month period or maintaining abstinence from a toxic substance.
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Best Practices of Economic Incentives Programs, including analysis of job training grant programs, payroll rebate programs, deal-closing funds, retention incentive programs, the business personal property tax exemption, tax increment financing and new incentives programs.
Slightly less than halt" of employers in a 2003 Hewitt Associates survey said they offer a financial incentive program.
Investment tax credits, along with an array of other tax incentives, are widely used by States to encourage growth in economically distressed areas, spur investment, increase jobs, and hence, enlarge the tax base.
The worry in Congress is that without these incentives, manufacturing firms may decide to build new factories in low-cost countries as opposed to expanding existing plants in the U.
During the course of the first year of implementation when 50 percent of incentives were to be based on goal achievement, it became clear that this approach was very demanding because:
If California can mount a one-two incentives punch on the city and state level, it would mirror New York state, which has enacted a 10 percent tax credit, and New York City, which offers an additional 5 percent tax credit for productions in which 75 percent of the sound stage work is performed in the city.
However, besides meeting the basic requirements, the company is responsible for reporting the status of incentive projects and performing the due diligence required to obtain the various incentives awarded.
On the other hand, restricted stock may so downshift incentives that in the long run even Microsoft may be making a mistake.
Thus, a broad array of strategies has been used to increase survey response rates, including pre-notification; follow-ups; personalization of survey materials; changing the color and size of the cover letter, survey, envelope and postage; and using a variety of promised and provided incentives, monetary and nonmonetary (Weathers, Furlong, & Solorzano, 1993).