incentive spirometer

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in·cen·tive spi·rom·e·ter

(in-sen'tiv spī-rom'ĕ-tĕr)
A device used in bronchial hygiene therapy that provides the patient with visual or other feedback during efforts to achieve a predetermined respiratory flow or volume; useful in increasing inspiratory volume, improving inspiratory muscle performance, maintaining airway patency, and preventing or reversing atelectasis.

Incentive spirometer

A breathing device that provides feedback on performance to encourage deep breathing.
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The Hudson RCI brand has been a leader in respiratory care for more than 65 years, and offers solutions for Oxygen Therapy, Aerosol Therapy, Passive Humidification and Filtration, Active Humidification and Breathing Circuits, Resuscitation Bags, Incentive Spirometers, and Adaptors and Connectors.
Physiotherapists may provide more effective treatment by replacing incentive spirometers with PEP devices.
Students practice with incentive spirometers lying, sitting, and standing, in order to gain an understanding of what surgical patients encounter postoperatively.