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Environmental concentration of a pollutant, resulting from a combination of immissions and dispersals; often synonymous with exposure.
[L. immissio, introduction, fr. im- mitto, to introduce]
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data describing the receptors considered (the number of receptors to pollutant immission concentration taken into account, the height of placement of every receptor considered, landmark coordinates to a fixed point, the nature of land);
Immission standards are based on noise quality criteria or guideline values for noise exposure to be applied to specific locations and are generally built into planning procedures (Kaklauskas et al.
At an Action Against Noise seminar at the NEC, Mr Meacher said the Sound Immission Contour Maps (SICMs) are an important step in reducing noise pollution.
Other environmental technical standards are, for instance, emission and immission limits for S[O.
In combination with the Immission Frequency Distribution Model (IFDM)] using emissions from line sources and point sources, the model chain provides daily [PM.
The main aims of environmental regulation can foster the improvement of emission or immission measures.
Assessment of air environmental factor was based on data derived from measurements at immission.
foundation work for immission protection walls on the structures.
The Elbmarsch leukemia cluster: are there conceptual limitations in controlling immission from nuclear establishments in Germany?
Our plan was to layer the computer-simulated exposure model in a geographic information system (GIS) and use the simulated immission concentrations to more accurately demarcate the exposed population.
Type of measurement Area Mean Range Emission Belgium Air 662 g I-TEQ(a) Water 4 g I-TEQ(a) Soil 485 g I-TEQ(a) Immission air Flanders 100-255 fg I-TEQ/ [m.