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A psychotic state of exaltation in which one has delusions and hallucinations of communion with supernatural or exalted beings.
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that a late Gnostic sect, the Illuminists, were able to conceive the possibility of hastening the destruction of the world.
Spanish Erasmists, proto-Protestants, and illuminists all raised their own challenges to the need for the mystical path.
She then demonstrates that, though prosecutions of Illuminists were numerically insignificant, they formed part of a deliberate strategy to link innovative trends in intellectual and religious life with the "Lutheran heresy.
Perez gives passing recognition to the role of the Inquisition in repressing other heretics, primarily Lutherans, superficially converted Muslims, Illuminists, foreign Protestants and those who adhered to some form of materialism, as well as its role in searching out individuals accused of moral crimes, for example, soliciting priests, bigamy, blasphemy, superstition and sodomy.
At least some Jesuits (Tomasso Ceva, for example) entered into dialogue with the new line of thought and rhetoric espoused by Illuminists such as Ludovico Muratori.