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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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On Monday they have also carried out an illegal operation on land of small dams in Bani Ghala.
It will be recalled that in the ongoing clampdown on illegal operations, SMSTF had earlier on Monday, also in Ibeshe area, arrested the managers of Oretol Nigeria Limited and PNC Synergy.
The bags were being loaded onto a large truck in the south of Riyadh to be sold to shops when the ministry's teams intercepted the illegal operation.
Officials informed that the activities were going on for many days and they finally bust the illegal operation.
Cardiff Council successfully applied for an order to shut down the illegal operation and seize and destroy the equipment they found.
He revealed that 11 of the illegals caught during raids were also involved in the illegal operation of providing telephone calls in violation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act.
The reply contains information on what action has been taken by the ministry in each individual case, which schools have been closed down as a result of illegal operation, and which schools have been given deadlines to submit the necessary documentation in order to meet the ministry's criteria for a licence.
Since opening in 2007, Cementos David has faced a number of law suits over its alleged illegal operation permits and environmental pollution, which were filed by residents of San Rafael de Alajuela.
The illegal operation was described as a "sophisticated drugs concealment" by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).
Thousands more empty bottles ready to be filled were also discovered, giving a glimpse of the magnitude of the illegal operation.
The illegal operation had already packed about 16 tons of fillets into huge freezers: manta rays, hammerhead sharks, eels, snappers, crabs and much more.