snapping hip syndrome

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snap·ping hip syn·drome

(snap'ing hip sin'drōm)
A phenomenon experienced during hip motions; may indicate iliotibial band syndrome.
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Aside from obvious accelerated implant wear and surrounding tissue damage, complications from retained cement are dependent upon the position of the fragment and can include iliopsoas tendonitis, (2) femoral nerve compression, (3) and groin pain.
Among those cases with MRI abnormalities, there were 19 patients with osteitis pubis, 9 with stress fractures (8 with fractures of the inferior pubic ramus), 5 with adductor muscle tears, 6 with hamstring muscle tears, 10 with inflammation of the small rotator muscles of the hip, and 4 with iliopsoas tendonitis.
Nevertheless, the exact cause of iliopsoas tendonitis often remains inconclusive.