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an island in the North Atlantic where the disease is prevalent.
Iceland disease - chronic fatigue syndrome. Synonym(s): epidemic neuromyasthenia
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Secondly, it is a depiction of Brandr, not only as a historical figure (unlike Audunn, he is known from other sources) but as that familiar pattr character, the quick-witted Icelander who by his skills in human relations manages to win the favour of the king, in spite of unfavourable circumstances.
The main plot revolves around a rare manuscript of the Islendingabok, the Book of Icelanders, which Arni had borrowed from its Swedish owner and given to Jon to copy, an arduous task because the writing was very difficult to decipher.
The facts of the emigration of Icelanders to, and their settlement in, the New World in the last quarter of the nineteenth century are well known.
Our second visit, lasting six days, was conducted with eight undergraduate students as part of a trip that also included eight days in Norway After extensive pre-planning and interaction with Icelandic experts in various fields, we designed activities that included visits to the biotechnology company DeCode Genetics, the National and Settlement Museums, the Arni Magnusson Institute at the University of Iceland for the preservation and promotion of Icelandic culture and language, the Icelandic Innovation Center, which fosters start-up companies, and the freshwater fisheries management agency The visits were highly interactive and provided opportunities for the students to ask questions of the Icelanders they met.
Aron Gunnarsson's trademark long throw will be absent from the Bluebirds armoury at the start of the season as the Icelander recovers from a dislocated shoulder
Beaten three and a half lengths at the finish, Icelander travelled nicely but took a wide route which probably cost him valuable ground.
Contrary to what could be expected, the crisis resulted in Icelanders recovering their sovereign rights through a process of direct participatory democracy that eventually led to a new constitution.
Through his consciousness, from infancy through maturity, Arnason provides us with an overview of the history of Icelanders in Manitoba: the early difficulties when smallpox struck the New Iceland settlement and decimated nearby Indian settlements; the fileting and preparation of fish for market in Gimli; work on the railways and sewers and construction of apartment blocks in Winnipeg; life in the Winnipeg Hats, in seedy side-streets, as well as in affluent homes.
The Young Icelander is the retitled new translation of Eirikur Hansson: A Novel from Nova Scotia, by Bjarnason (1866-1945).
Icelander Thordarson says he is planning to assemble a slimmer and more competitive squad to help the Railwaymen stage a swift return to League One.
But life has not been sweet for the Icelander under Louis van Gaal and he's aiming to return to England.