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an island in the North Atlantic where the disease is prevalent.
Iceland disease - chronic fatigue syndrome. Synonym(s): epidemic neuromyasthenia
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Iceland Naturally is a cooperative marketing organization that promotes the services, products and culture of Iceland.
Ewan McMahon, Iceland Group operations director, said: "At a time when so many other food retailers are restructuring and downsizing their store management teams, we want people to know that we have some great opportunities for career progression at Iceland.
In a circular, the government said: "The government of Iceland is concerned that our country's businesses are unable to promote themselves across Europe in association with their place of origin - a place of which we are rightly proud and enjoys a very positive national branding.
It claimed it has made multiple efforts to negotiate with Iceland Foods but bemoaned the store's "unrealistic" demands.
We are looking for a 'live and let live' outcome," Jon Asbergsson, the managing director of Promote Iceland, said.
One of the most popular dishes in Iceland is hakarl, or putrefied shark.
The United States and Iceland signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in 2009.
Iceland has come under fire for whaling for decades, including in the 1970s and 1980s when activists from Greenpeace and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attempted to disrupt annual hunts using boats or by sabotaging hunting stations.
Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Iceland started in 1999.
Market size and growth prospects of Iceland personal accident and health insurance market by category