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The study of chemistry in relation to physiologic and pathologic processes, and the treatment of disease by chemical substance as practiced by a school of medical thought in the 17th century.
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And Paracelsus' comments on a cure for syphilis point the way toward both chemotherapy and iatrochemistry.
34) Paracelsus the Archeus not only sought to perfect nature but also to criticize and reform the alchemical tradition of Aristotle, Galen, and Avecinna (35) by inventing a theoretical model for iatrochemistry.
What also emerges as significant in the seventeenth century are the growing influence of Paracelsian medicine and iatrochemistry, and the central place of alchemy in spiritualistic cosmologies embodying ideas of human redemption and eschatology.
Furthermore, not only was there general acceptance of the fundamentals of alchemical theory, but various members of the academic community showed an active interest in transmutational alchemy, often in combination with iatrochemistry.