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n See technique, integrated neuromuscular inhibition.
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The Init Professional Notebook Backpack offers a fully padded compartment and storage space to protect your notebook computer.
The demand for mobile payment technological solutions is on the constant rise, and considering this aspect, INIT has stated that it thinks this investment as a strategic one and the partnership will help it to maintain offering of ticketing solutions to the existing transit industry players as well as the future ones.
Init will be equipping 1,600 National Express West Midlands buses with driver consoles, on-board computers, ticket printers and EMV and ITSO-certified validators, and also service provision through a hosted back-office system.
Interliant sells to the large/enterprise market through its direct sales force and to the small and medium-business market (SMB) through its INIT Branded Solutions program, which allows companies to private label its offerings.
The Rapid in order to manage the back-end processing and clearing of revenues, will make use of Inits MOBILEvario software solution.
For additional information on INIT Services, call 703/762-1700 or visit http://www.
The service is available to Interliant's INIT Branded Solutions partners for a one-time set up fee plus a monthly license fee, both of which depend on the type/level of service provided.
NASDAQ: INIT), a leading global application service provider (ASP), today launched an enhanced version of its INIT Host platform to support the company's INIT Branded Solutions program.
Since its April 2001 restructuring announcement, Interliant has focused on a set of four core offerings, including INIT Managed Messaging (on both the Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange platforms), INIT Managed Hosting, INIT Web Hosting (branded solutions/private label), and INIT Security, plus associated professional services.
Nasdaq:INIT), a leading global application service provider (ASP) and one of the largest Lotus Premier Partners, announced today the launch of its INIT Remote Monitoring for Domino service.
INIT Managed Messaging for Domino can manage part of, or the entire, Lotus Domino messaging infrastructure for its customers.