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Abbreviation for:
immunomodulatory therapy
inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour
Integrated Multidisciplinary Teams 
intima media thickness

intima-media thickness



The depth in millimeters of the two inner layers of an arterial wall. IMT is a marker of generalized atherosclerosis. It increases with age, cholesterol intake, smoking, body mass index, and other established risk factors for cardiovascular disease. IMT is measured ultrasonographically, typically in the carotid arteries.


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To further cater to various applications, IMT and Marshall will continue to offer custom configurations, the release stated.
Pehin Tawih also spearheaded the welcoming ceremony for the 13th batch of Bruneis contingent to the IMT in Mindanao (IMT-13), comprised of eight RBAF personnel and one RBPF officer, led by Lieutenant Colonel Abidin bin Haji Timbang on September 15.
IMT will be known as IMT, a Mission Essential company.
At IMT, we deliver futuristic customized IT, Mobile and Enterprise Business solutions to modernize business agility, thereby achieving the desired goals.
Krebs and Hogan are co-founders of IMT, robotics engineering professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and world leaders in robotics technology development.
6 GHz frequencies have been broadly identified for IMT.
IMT is seen more frequently in children and young adults and is more common in the female gender.
Pathologic review confirmed an IMT involving the muscularis propria.
Dedicated QIMT-Esaote software was used to measure the left and right IMT levels of the posterior wall of the common carotid, 1 centimeter from the beginning of bulb bifurcation, by ultrasound 2D exam.
The IMT said the MILF fighters "actions" could be considered their "response" to the uncoordinated movement of the SAF, and as such was not a violation of the ceasefire agreement signed by the government and the MILF in 1997.
5] It is not clear whether IMT is benign, malignant or part of a spectrum of benign to malignant spindled soft tissue tumours.
Although IMT appears to be the most common form of training, EMT has been shown to improve expiratory muscle force for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, athletes, and the elderly.